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Discovery Lodge Casino

The Discovery Lodge Casino is located at One Tree Lane; ½ mile west of Cut Bank, Mt on the north side of Highway 2. This property is located in Glacier County, Montana. It is bound to the north of Highway 2.

The Discovery Lodge Casino’s historical information suggests that it was developed in 1957 with a fueling and automobile service station. It covers a parcel of land that covers approximately 3.298 acres of land in the area where it is now a vacant building.

The Discovery Lodge and Casino building consists of a conglomeration of additions to an original structure. It is likely that the two casino and shop structures were joined via an addition improvement. A steel-sided shop building is unattached to the north end of the adjacent casino buildings. Parking areas are located on the western and south sides of the casino buildings.

The environmental concern at this site consists of asbestos containing material.

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