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Blackfeet Underground Storage Tanks


What is UST?

The Blackfeet Environmental Office Underground Storage Tank Program was established in 1998 with a start-up grant from the EPA for the purpose of monitoring UST's on the Blackfeet Reservation. The first UST program focused primarily on building a foundation for Reservation UST monitoring with additional funds for a technician to act as a liaison for Reservation UST owners and operators.

Blackfeet Environmental Office, Blackfeet Nation, Browning, Montana.

Duties of the UST Program are to assist and act as a tribal member liaison for UST removals, cleanup and remediation work, monitoring of site investigations and work plans. There are numerous fuel stations located on the Blackfeet Reservation and hydrocarbon contamination is a high priority in order to preserve, conserve and protect the integrity of human health and the environment on the Blackfeet Reservation.


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